Summoning the Spirit of Style
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Duo Butterfly Dance
Work to play, play to work.
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Retro Timeless
Ich Bin Ein Berliner
il presidente
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Luxury In Disguise.

About Le Tandy

About Le Tandy, we thrive on beauty, perfection and precision. Pride and passion is derived from a quality, beautiful and unique product. Le Tandy wrist watches are catered to suit the demands and requirements of a wide range of clientele. We understand that tastes may vary and moods may change, so we have created a selection of themed catalogues of watches with you, our prized customer, in mind.

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Commitment to craftsmanship and artistic vision are essential elements of Le Tandy wrist watches. To give an impressive and fascinating feeling; joy, love and care are meticulously put into each fiber of the design. Finest ensemble of brilliant natural gemstones is to carry out through the playfulness and beauty of case shape. The harmonious integration between ergonomic cases and gems dials is the balance of contemporary lifestyle and luxury. It is then aesthetics are transformed into art.

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